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Computer and Peripherals

Get your computers and peripherals fit and running via instant resolution of issues by our customer support team

The customer support team guides customers on various aspects involving the installation and execution of systems – be it desktop, notebook, laptop etc. along with connection of any other hardware device such as printer, scanner etc. to either the system or to the network.

We are a one stop shop for all hardware related issues involving computers, peripherals or related connectivity networks.


Desktops The range of services for desktop involves:-

  •  Installation of desktop, and setting up all the peripherals and related hardware and software for the prompt execution of the same
  •  Diagnosis of the registry issues of the computer and ensuring that the operating system installed is safe from any external virus
  • Assistance to install additional software on need basis, upgrading it using the online resources or removing unnecessary application which could slow down the performance

Laptops The range of services related to laptop is mentioned below:-

  • Setting up the operating system and making the required partitions as per the need of the user
  • Installation of the latest version of anti-virus software and making sure that the system is safe from any virus or malicious applications
  • Guiding users to trouble shoot commonly occurring technical glitches which may happen on a day to day basis
  • Setting up external hardware or peripherals with the laptop such as printers, scanners etc.

Peripherals The team of experts also helps customers in managing and maintaining peripherals and integrating them with the system in the optimal manner.